Product Details

Remote I/O

Industrial control applications typically use a PLC system to manage the process; using I/O to provide an interface to switches, relays and sensors attached to the machine.

Control Techniques continues to lead the way with our scalable drive-hosted controller platform that ranges from the ultra-convenient onboard PLC to the powerful MCi machine/motion controller.
To supplement this controller platform and dramatically extend the range of applications that can benefit from this cost- and performance-optimised solution, we now have an extensive range of remote I/O.
Benefits of Control Techniques RTMoE remote I/O: 
  • Allows the number of I/O points to be dramatically expanded over those available on the drive
  • Brings greater diversity to the type of I/O points available
  • Remote I/O is directly supported by any Ethernet based Unidrive, through the optional SI-Ethernet module or the Ethernet port on board of the MCi210
  • Combining with an MCi210 module gives a versatile and powerful controller platform

For applications where an industrial PLC is required, Control Techniques is able to provide an EtherCAT Remote I/O.